Curtains are designed to create a sense of privacy and protection. They are a device used to conceal or act as a barrier. My work disrupts the assumption of this traditional usage, specifically in my Uncurtain installation, where I intentionally create a space with uncertain boundaries.

Although I create my own hand-dyed palette and actively repurpose my material, I am able to foster a sense of familiarity by capitalizing on universal associations of form and color. The evidence of my hand-work is clear which suggests an earnestness that extends to its own sense of playfulness.

Essentially, the panels I construct are willfully filled with cut-outs in grid-like patterns, dismantling the whole notion of privacy. By heightening curiosity the work invites the viewer in, allowing for them to question their own role in the immersive space. Giving no indication of which side of the barrier they are on, the installation aims to reveal while generating an overall sense of withholding.